Pre-Call Planning Means Research

For some of us, pre-call planning means research.  We may have to research articles, review websites, or simply get on the phone and start doing detective networking.  Different Sales Professionals do it in different ways, including:

  • Reading various company communications like annual reports, 10-K reports, letters to shareholders, and press releases
  • Searching the internet for relevant news and information about the company and industry
  • Requesting and reviewing company brochures about products and services
  • Checking the company’s website for information about performance, products, and recent announcements
  • Asking a stockbroker or analyst for company performance reports or insights

The key here is to familiarize yourself with the company and culture you are calling on so that you can discuss relevant issues and ask intelligent questions.   You need to understand the issues facing the industry, and how you have solved those issues for other buyers.

This not only prepares you to respond effectively during the call, but also creates a favorable impression on the buyer by highlighting your preparedness and professionalism