Silver Bullet Selling the 52 week Amazon bestselling book and highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and Selling Power Magazine, walks the readers down a complete path to sales success that they can execute on their very next sales interaction.

Based on ten years of extensive research and interviews with thousands of top sales performers in a variety of industries, Silver Bullet Selling reveals the secrets that all great sales professionals have in common.

G.A. Bartick

G.A. Bartick is President of Consilio and a keynote speaker and facilitator at conventions and meetings around the country. He has been in sales his entire career and uses his experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and personal style to connect with his audience and inspire improved performance. G.A. has also implemented hundreds of Bullet Selling sales programs for clients such as Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Charter Communications, SBC Communications and Oakley. One of his passions is 1-on-1 coaching with executives and managers. In all, G.A. is on the road at least 40 weeks a year transferring his knowledge and enthusiasm to executives, managers and sales people around the world.

Prior to Consilio, G.A. was an executive at Nordstrom, one of the nation’s leading sales and customer service organizations. He ran a highly profitable sales organization that delivered the unique “Nordstrom experience” to its clientele. In addition, G.A. has a strong financial services background and carries his Series 6, 63, Life and Health Insurance and Real Estate licenses.

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