“Awesome book with lots of useful tips”

I brought the Silver Bullet on a business trip with me expecting it to be like any other sale book and full of stuff I would never use. As I read it, it became clear to me that it wasn’t. Before I knew it I had read the entire thing and was landing in Dallas.

It is full of hilarious stories about the Authors’ experience in various sales roles and awesome “bullet tips” throughout. I’ve already found myself using some techniques outlined in the book such as pre-call planning before meetings, developing agendas, and the importance of a good credibility statement (I didn’t even have one). I definitely recommend this book to anybody looking to stay sharp and come out looking like a pro!! Thanks! – G. Hollingbery “George”, Seattle

Six Steps to a Winning Sales Process!

I highly recommend this book to any salesperson, sales manager, or CEO of a sales organization. We have implemented the strategies contained in this book and are seeing immediate results. My sales team now has a proven process for opening great conversations with prospects anywhere and anytime, presenting our company in a way that personally connects with the audience, understanding how to handle objections, and making contacts at tradeshows and through previously dreaded cold calls. 

The book is an easy read and the authors do a fantastic job of blending anecdotes, stories, and advice. I’m confident the information contained in Silver bullet Selling will improve the results for any salesperson and sales organization. – L. Silver (San Francisco, CA USA)

The Best Sales Book I Have Ever Read!

I have been a sales professional for over 20 years with the likes of Coca-Cola and Nestle (plus a couple of smaller B2B firms in-between). I have worked in Street Sales, National Accounts, Business Development and am only 1 of 4 people to ever be globally certified at Coca-Cola as a ‘Master’ sales trainer. Working for the likes of Coca-Cola and Nestle you get exposure to many different sales technogolies.

I can say with confidence that Silver Bullet Selling, by a long shot, is the best and most comprehensive book on effective customer relationship building and closing I have read! It is a must read for any sales professional who is serious about being at the top of their game!

In today’s environment, it is all about consultative selling and making certain that the customer is a part of the solution every step of the way. This book discusses the topic like no other in an easy-to-read format. I highly recommend it! – John R. Jell, Los Angeles, CA

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