Creating Success on Purpose: The Vision to Reality Process

Ambitious goals in life or in business aren’t achieved by accident; they’re achieved on purpose because someone has taken the time and effort to figure out the activities, tasks and behaviors that have to be executed to get it done.

Effective game plans and effective execution are two of the fundamentals that set top performers apart from the rest.  That’s what was missing in my early January goal-setting sessions.  I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but I had no idea what activities, tasks and behaviors I had to execute to accomplish it.

As a Sales Professional the amount of success you have depends solely on your ability to create and execute an effective game plan.  Most people have a lot of difficulty navigating the muddy waters between setting goals and executing on those goals.  The top producers in any industry have a game plan to turn their goals into activities and then execute those activities to create results.  This is why top producers blow the doors off their numbers and they do it year after year!