Two ways to Increase Your Sales In A Shrinking Economy

These are trying times, but it’s no excuse for lack of performance. Sales pros in every field can take advantage of this down market and actually increase their sales. In markets like this, the order takers are weeded out and the sales pros with a more systematic, pro-active and disciplined approach are rewarded.

Here are a couple of strategies to grow your sales in a down economy . . .

1. Develop a System.
Top performers use a process that helps them build solid sales relationships in a systematic and predictable way. I’m not talking about an inflexible process that standardizes every prospect/client interaction. Instead, it’s a loose framework that provides the structure for every interaction. Our process here at Silver Bullet Selling includes the following six steps:

  1. Pre-Call Planning
  2. Building Rapport
  3. Discovery
  4. Tailored Solution
  5. Addressing Concerns
  6. Closing the Sale

2. Set Goals that Drive Sales Activities
For example, a top performer we recently interviewed is a banker with a weekly goal of selling additional products and services to three clients. This banker knows it takes around 12 contacts to make a sale. So, every week she makes at least 40 calls (eight every day) to her current clients.

During the conversation, the banker asks questions to determine her client’s current and desired situation. Then she uses the right products and services of the bank to bridge the two. She closes the call by asking for a referral. Because of her activity, this banker is consistently in the top 5% on the score board.

So two key strategies for moving up regardless of the economic outlook are "system" and "activity." What are your experiences? Give me your own thoughts on driving forward in a down economy . . .