Create Positive Buying Momentum with a Discovery Summary

After you’ve asked your discovery questions and have uncovered a lot of information, you want to do something that will create some positive buying momentum before offering your tailored solution. And I have just the right thing. It’s called the Discovery Summary.

The Discovery Summary is all that; it really is. Our research shows that many sales are actually made right here. When the summary is done well it accomplishes all these things:

The buyer feels good because he knows that you were really paying attention and listening to what he told you.

You build momentum by distilling what has just taken upwards of 60 minutes into a powerful 2-minute highlight reel.

You ensure that your understanding of your buyer’s situation is crystal clear and on target. If, for some reason, you did not summarize the situation accurately, your buyer will correct you.

You get to show your buyer that you are a highly competent professional who understands and cares about their situation.

You lower your buyer’s resistance and raise their receptivity to your tailored solution.

And sometimes it uncovers a nugget that defines the buying gap.

Not bad for a simple summary that takes less than 120 seconds to deliver. But, like everything else with Bullet Selling, it’s all in the execution. There are 6 steps to the Discovery Summary process: