Addressing Concerns Pt.4 (16 minutes)

bullet-podcast-logoToday Paul and G.A. continue with the discussion on Addressing Concerns, focusing on drawing out additional concerns and addressing the primary concerns. G.A. goes through his five secrets of addressing concerns, which are:

  1. There will always be concerns
  2. We know the concerns are before the buyer does.
  3. The more people talk about concerns the less anxiety they will have about them.
  4. The person asking the questions is in control.
  5. You can’t overcome every concern.

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Addressing Prospect Concerns Pt.3 – Restate and Cushion

bullet-podcast-logoThird installment talking about Addressing Concerns. This episode covers the “Restate and Cushion” to help you listen and understand the prospects concerns more effectively. Most importantly, Restate and Cushion helps your prospect know that you understand their concerns.

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Know Your Prospect’s Objections Before They Do

This secret came out of our research and it kind of surprised us.  When we dug through those 36,000 pages of notes, we found over and over again that in most selling situations the same eight objections kept coming up.

I know it’s hard to fathom, but these eight objections cover about 94% of the objections Sales Professionals hear, whether you’re selling satellite defense equipment or satellite TV service.  When I’m working with a group of Sales Professionals on addressing objections, the first thing we do is list all of the possible objections they hear.  After about two minutes the list grows to maybe 20 objections, but then we organize and categorize them, and almost every time we come up with the List of eight.   Continue reading “Know Your Prospect’s Objections Before They Do”