Know Your Prospect’s Objections Before They Do

This secret came out of our research and it kind of surprised us.  When we dug through those 36,000 pages of notes, we found over and over again that in most selling situations the same eight objections kept coming up.

I know it’s hard to fathom, but these eight objections cover about 94% of the objections Sales Professionals hear, whether you’re selling satellite defense equipment or satellite TV service.  When I’m working with a group of Sales Professionals on addressing objections, the first thing we do is list all of the possible objections they hear.  After about two minutes the list grows to maybe 20 objections, but then we organize and categorize them, and almost every time we come up with the List of eight.  

How Sales Experience Can Hurt Us

Veteran Sales Professionals have the tendency to want to impress their buyer with how much they know.  They often take on the attitude of, “I’ve heard your situation a thousand times.  I know exactly what you need, so shut up Mr. Buyer so I can tell you what you need to know.”  When the Sales Professional cops this attitude, he will typically ask a few discovery questions, but then rush right into the solution, so eager to show the buyer what he knows that he does not take the time or want to expend the energy to learn about the buyer’s situation. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this, myself, first-hand.

Transitioning to the Business Conversation

After a few minutes of Preliminary Pleasantries it’s time to transition into the business conversation. Of the thousands of Sales Professionals we’ve observed, very few know how to do this effectively. The Bullet Selling process makes the transition seamless by using an Agenda Statement. This 60 seconds of magic will build momentum and let your buyer know you are prepared, professional, and have done this before.

What Rapport is Really All About

Let’s take a moment to ponder what rapport is really all about.  Think of a relationship you have right now with someone you like, respect, appreciate, and trust.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a business relationship or personal relationship, as long as it is resilient and you have each other’s best interest at heart –…

Pre-Call Planning Means Research

For some of us, pre-call planning means research.  We may have to research articles, review websites, or simply get on the phone and start doing detective networking.  Different Sales Professionals do it in different ways, including: Reading various company communications like annual reports, 10-K reports, letters to shareholders, and press releases Searching the internet for…

How Those Six Steps Changed My Life

BEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP. I open one eye. The green numbers of my clock radio shout 3:00 a.m. “This sucks!” I think as I struggle to free one arm from the warmth of the covers and slap the snooze button. “Seven more minutes of blissful sleep, and then I’ll get up.” BEEEEP, BEEEEP, BEEEEEP, BEEEEEEP.…

The Silver Bullet Referral Process

“In every client file there are a dozens of referral phone calls to be made.” — G.A. Bartick According to BNET, the popular online resource for business executives, a referral is 15 times more likely to do business with you than a cold prospect. With odds like that it’s no wonder top-performing Sales Professionals commit…

The Silver Bullet Discover Summary Process

After you’ve asked your discovery questions and have uncovered a lot of information, you want to do something that will create some positive buying momentum before offering your tailored solution.  And I have just the right thing.  It’s called the Discovery Summary. The Discovery Summary is all that; it really is.  Our research shows that…