The Discovery Summary (14 Minutes)

bullet-podcast-logoListen in on the May Day episode of the Payday Podcast as G.A. and Paul talk about generating buying momentum with the Discovery Summary. The Discovery Summary is a critical part of the selling process by summarizing what you have learn about the prospect’s situation. It moves you into the Tailored Solution.

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G.A. and Paul have met in the Garden State of New Jersey to talk about what to get their mother for Mother’s Day (which is May 10, by the way), and to tape the May Day episode of the Pay Day podcast.

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The Silver Bullet Discover Summary Process

After you’ve asked your discovery questions and have uncovered a lot of information, you want to do something that will create some positive buying momentum before offering your tailored solution.  And I have just the right thing.  It’s called the Discovery Summary.

The Discovery Summary is all that; it really is.  Our research shows that many sales are actually made right here.  When the summary is done well it accomplishes all these things:

  1. The buyer feels good because he knows that you were really paying attention and listening to what he told you.
  2. You build momentum by distilling what has just taken upwards of 60 minutes into a powerful 2-minute highlight reel.
  3. You ensure that your understanding of your buyer’s situation is crystal clear and on target.  If, for some reason, you did not summarize the situation accurately, your buyer will correct you.
  4. You get to show your buyer that you are a highly competent professional who understands and cares about their situation.
  5. You lower your buyer’s resistance and raise their receptivity to your tailored solution.
  6. And sometimes it uncovers a nugget that defines the buying gap.

Not bad for a simple summary that takes less than 120 seconds to deliver.  But, like everything else with Bullet Selling, it’s all in the execution.   There are 6 steps to the Discovery Summary process:

  1. Transition into the Summary
  2. Review Current Situation
  3. Review Desired Situation
  4. Review Expectations
  5. Ask confirming questions
  6. Transition to Tailored Solution

Why We Wrote This Book

We believe this is the book sales people have been waiting for . . .

Silver Bullet Selling is the definitive book that enables sales people to execute the unique Silver Bullet consultative sales process on every sales call.  After 11 years of teaching the Silver Bullet process to more than 250,000 sales people around the world, and culling through 30,000 pages of notes (that’s 11 filing cabinets full!) from over 6,000 interviews with top performers, we have earned the right to write this book and support it with a seminar series.

Why this book right now?  There are already several brilliant books that describe the consultative sales process in detail, including Mack Hanan’s 1970’s classic, Consultative Selling, and Neil Rackham’s best seller Spin Selling.  While these books are long on theory, they come up short on application and execution.  In other words, after reading one of these books you will definitely understand what consultative selling is, but you’ll have no idea how to implement it on your very next sales call.

That’s where Bullet Selling comes in. The magic of sales is in the execution, and that’s why Bullet Selling is so much more than just a regurgitation of consultative sales theory. Bullet Selling is the first book to take consultative selling theory and show how to apply it on every client or prospect interaction. Think of this book as a step-by-step implementation guide that will put the Bullet Sales process to work for sales professionals.  To accomplish this Silver Bullet Selling is chockfull of true stories, examples, templates and exercises that enable you to execute the Silver Bullet process on your very next customer interaction.  In addition, Bullet Selling includes exclusive upgrades to the consultative sales process that makes it even more effective.

Bullet Selling is for the entire universe of sales professionals, no matter what they’re selling. We certainly don’t want to offend anyone or imply that every sales position requires the same skills, because they don’t.  However, no matter what the business, it all begins with an interaction between a sales professional and the customer, and becoming an expert at implementing the Bullet Sales process will enable you to achieve the success that motivated you to go into sales in the first place!

Bullet Selling is a book that gets tattered and dog-eared because sales people find it indispensable on sales calls.  Bullet Selling includes checklists, examples, worksheets, practice exercises, templates and $500 tips that you can use on your very next sales call.  It is also integrated with our website where you can go to find templates, newsletters, success stories, updates, products and join the Silver Bullet Community. Bullet Selling is for you if you want to:

  • Make more sales. We know the techniques in Bullet Selling work because they are the same methods we successfully implement with our clients every day.  It is not unusual for workshop participants to improve their sales more than 30% and some even double and triple their performance!  We would expect the same significant results from readers who apply these techniques.   By increasing your sales, you will make more money, earn more recognition and win more sales awards.
  • Deliver a world-class buying experience. Bullet Selling will guide you through the entire sales process from the initial prospecting call through closing the sale, asking for referrals and follow up.  You will learn how to:

Pre-call plan

  • Use preliminary pleasantries, an Agenda Statement and Credibility Statement to help build rapport
  • Ask the right targeted questions that will help you better understand your customers’ unique situation and needs
  • Create a ‘selling gap’
  • Deliver a customized and tailored solution that satisfy your customers’ situation and needs
  • Sell to both the customers emotional and logical needs
  • Address concerns effectively in a non-confrontational manner
  • Vaccinate your prospects and clients against the competition
  • Effectively differentiate your products and services from the competition
  • Ask for the order and close the sale
  • Ask for referrals
  • Follow up after the sale

Develop deeper, more loyal relationships with your customers

  • The Bullet Sales process properly executed develops trust which in turn creates “sticky” customer relationships.  Customer retention allows you to develop their accounts vertically and horizontally.

Live a take-charge, pro-active life

  • Bullet Selling is infused with the attitude that you can realize your vision and goals if you are willing to put in the effort and execute.  The book builds enthusiasm, energy, a positive outlook and confidence.

Have more fun

  • Bullet Selling is an enjoyable and quick read.  It is illustrated with dozens of great stories and punctuated with humor and “$500 Sales Tips.”
  • Bullet Selling is a page turner that focuses on the skills sales pros really need to succeed.  Like If You’re Not Out Selling, You’re Being Outsold, our previous bestseller, Bullet Selling is written in an in-your-face, conversational style.

So if you’re ready, fasten your safety belt, put your seat and tray table in their full upright and locked positions, and take aim at the competition by buying the book and learning how to put Silver Bullet Selling to work for you!